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The Rising Stars Program: Where Dreams Take Flight

The cornerstone of our partnership is the launch of the Rising Stars Program—a joint venture between GSE and Cohansey. Tailored for youth soccer players born between 2018 and 2015, this program is an immersive 8-week experience designed to instill fundamental skills, teamwork, and a passion for the beautiful game.

Through a blend of structured training sessions and engaging play-days, the Rising Stars Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to varying skill levels. It serves as a platform for budding talents to hone their abilities under the guidance of experienced coaches while fostering a positive and inclusive environment where every player can flourish.

Beyond the Horizon: Exciting Initiatives Await - Fall 2024

While the Rising Stars Program marks an exciting beginning, this partnership between GSE and Cohansey is just the tip of the iceberg. As we chart a course toward excellence, our collaboration sets the stage for upcoming initiatives geared towards further enriching the soccer experience for young athletes in our community.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and future endeavors that will expand our offerings, presenting more avenues for skill development, competitive play, and overall soccer enrichment. From advanced training programs to elevated competitive tiers, we're dedicated to providing a progressive pathway for soccer enthusiasts to thrive and achieve their full potential.

At GSE and Cohansey, our shared vision is to create a lasting impact in the world of youth soccer. Together, we are committed to nurturing talent, fostering a love for the game, and empowering the next generation of soccer stars.

Join us on this exciting journey—where every kick, every goal, and every moment on the field shapes the future of soccer excellence!

Starting Fall 2024, the following Cohansey Premier teams will be powered by GSE:
- Newly formed boys teams from 2018-2013
- Cohansey Premier 2012B Navy 
- Cohansey Premier 2011B White
- Cohansey Premier 2010B Navy

Register to tryout for these teams hereCohansey Premier GSE Tryout Registration

What is the Rising Stars Program?

The GSE Rising Stars program, in partnership with Cohansey Premier, not only aims to refine the skills of youth soccer players born between 2018 and 2015 but also serves as an excellent introduction to the sport for budding young athletes.

This comprehensive 8-week initiative recognizes the diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience among participants. For those who are new to soccer, this program offers an ideal entry point into the world of the sport. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment that caters to beginners, fostering a love for soccer while laying down fundamental skills and knowledge essential for their soccer journey.

The program's training sessions, conducted in a circuit-style format during the initial 5 weeks, are tailored to accommodate newcomers to the sport. Coaches focus on teaching basic techniques, instilling a sense of confidence, and familiarizing participants with the fundamental aspects of soccer in an engaging and supportive setting.

Moreover, the subsequent 3 weeks, dedicated to play days where players mix up and engage in full soccer matches, provide an excellent opportunity for new athletes to apply what they've learned in a practical, game-oriented context. This hands-on experience encourages their passion for the sport while honing their understanding of gameplay and teamwork.

By emphasizing inclusivity and providing a supportive learning environment, the GSE Rising Stars program, in collaboration with Cohansey Premier, serves as a platform for young athletes interested in exploring and embracing the exciting world of soccer. Through this program, players will embark on their soccer journey, develop foundational skills, and cultivate a lasting enthusiasm for the sport.

Natural Progression

Moreover, the GSE Rising Stars program isn't just a standalone initiative; it's a stepping stone toward broader opportunities within the soccer realm. As participants graduate from the Rising Stars program, our vision extends beyond the immediate training period. We aim to pave the way for their continued growth and advancement in the sport by establishing full time Garden State Elite - EDP level teams.

For those players who exhibit exceptional dedication, skill, and passion for the game as they progress through our Rising Stars program, the pathway to EDP level teams is a natural progression. These teams represent the next tier in our developmental structure, offering an elevated level of competition and training designed to challenge and refine the abilities of dedicated players.

Transitioning from Rising Stars to EDP teams provides a seamless continuation of the developmental journey. The focus shifts towards more competitive play, advanced tactics, and an elevated standard of soccer. Our aim is to provide a platform where players can further hone their skills, compete at higher levels, and continue their soccer education under the guidance of experienced coaches.

The formation of EDP level teams isn't just about playing at a higher competitive level; it's about fostering a culture of growth, perseverance, and sportsmanship. It's an opportunity for promising athletes to continue their soccer journey within a structured and supportive environment, where they can thrive, push their limits, and further develop their talents.

By integrating the Rising Stars program with the prospect of EDP level teams, we aim to create a holistic pathway for young players to progress through the ranks, nurturing their passion for soccer and providing avenues for continuous improvement and achievement as they advance in their soccer careers.



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